Red Fort Capital Advantages

Red Fort Capital Investment Philosophy

Institutional Financial Strength

Red Fort Capital's institutional financial resources enable the firm to support long-term investment commitments and allow developers to scale. The firm’s typical investment ranges from $5 million to $100 million and Red Fort Capital has the demonstrated ability to source additional project financing as required even in challenging situations or conditions. 

Experienced Professionals
Red Fort Capital’s management team have prior institutional leadership experience with firms. Together, Red Fort Capital’s management team and advisors have over 215+ years of experience in India and globally within the real estate, infrastructure, private equity, venture capital, asset management, investment banking, investment advisory and Fortune 100 sectors.

Extensive Real Estate Execution Capabilities
Red Fort Capital's management team and advisors have full-spectrum private equity and development expertise, including land acquisition, design, program management, scheduling, MIS tracking, value engineering and construction. Red Fort Capital's management team and advisors have the capacity to guide and manage the execution of large-scale development projects. Such value-added assistance has enabled Red Fort Capital's development partners to reduce costs (15%+ in some cases), expedite delivery timelines, enhance designs, increase layout efficiencies, improve labor utilization and rework organization charts. Today, Red Fort Capital's management team and advisors' development track record exceeds 300 million square feet of completed and in-progress real estate and infrastructure projects.

Superior Portfolio Management Skills
Red Fort Capital's expertise in market research, project financing, concept positioning, sales, marketing, exit planning and restructuring has enabled it to maximize value and expedite project exits. In addition, Red Fort Capital has established best-in-class fund management procedures on behalf of the firm's institutional investors, ensuring robust corporate governance, legal compliance and transparent reporting.

Established Network of Relationships
Over the past thirty years, Red Fort Capital's management team and advisors have established a strong network of Indian and global relationships with leading developers, financial institutions, operating partners, consultants, contractors, investors, senior executives and government agencies. Red Fort Capital's relationship network has facilitated access to both superior transactions as well as critical information and execution resources to facilitate the delivery of projects. Red Fort Capital's international Advisory Boards are comprised of experienced senior executives of global institutional investment firms.

Long-Term Commitment to Partners
Red Fort Capital firmly believes in creating and sustaining long-term relationships with partners. Red Fort Capital seeks to provide growth and expansion capital rather than invest in one-off transactions, and the firm's culture emphasizes integrity and respect in all partner relationships and reflects a long-term approach to creating value.

Track Record of Innovation
Red Fort Capital's management team and advisors have pioneered and patented innovative construction techniques, lightweight construction materials and project management methodologies. These innovations – including tunnel form technology, pre-fabrication systems and cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) manufactured from recycled ingredients – enable expedited delivery of large projects at low cost within the India market.

Emphasis on Social Responsibility
Red Fort Capital emphasizes the development of affordable residential properties that are accessible to India's aspiring middle-class, and many of our projects provide low-income housing to India's economically weaker sections. In addition, Red Fort Capital encourages the use of global best practices and sustainable development techniques, including the development of green-certified projects according to U.S. or India L.E.E.D. standards. Red Fort Capital actively contributes funds to projects focused on community redevelopment and infrastructure provision.

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  • Growth: Access to capital, technological expertise and experience enabling our partners’ to grow.

  • Construction expertise:  Supervision & execution of more than 55 million square feet of space built over the last 30 years in different projects spread across the globe.

  • Technology: Assistance with knowledge of advanced construction materials and technologies which improves environmental impact, reduces building cost, and improves construction time periods.

  • Development marketing: In depth expertise, honed over years, in developing marketing strategy for selling residential and office space products in India and USA.

  • Large scale projects: Oversight of large scale townships in the past enable our development partners to capitalize on the expertise and deliver large and complex developments on time.

  • Relationships: Managing Directors at Red Fort Capital have relationships with various government agencies responsible for the development and implementation of building codes, environment clearances, regulatory agencies, commercial banks and other financial partners.

  • Deep pockets: The ability to withstand market downturns, hold inventory, and exhibit staying power.

  • Access to capital markets: Relationships with marquee, global financial partners at all phases of a development including the sale process.

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