Construction Financing

Construction financing is a loan used to finance buildings – both commercial and retail, factories and infrastructure. Renovation of existing projects are also covered under construction financing.

Construction Financing has a huge unmet demand in India. While other formal lenders take 21 + days to turn around on a loan for construction, Red Fort Capital NBFC typically funds receivable loans in 7 business days. Apply Now for Construction loan.

The turn around time for construction financing, especially for small businesses is high – typically more than a month because business credit is complex to underwrite and requires extensive loan monitoring. 

Typically, construction projects take years to complete and the cashflows are uncertain. Lenders face challenges while estimating cashflows and ensuring funds are utilized such that the loan is repaid.

quick loans for construction

Red Fort Capital uses its rich experience in real estate over the last two decades to analyze opportunities which catalyze additional cashflow to the borrower and substantially improve asset value.

Red Fort seeks deals that offer a strong collateral cover and growing business cashflow. Red Fort Capital NBFC finances deals of Rs.1 Cr to Rs.10 Cr and targets a portfolio size of Rs. 200 Cr+ over the next year.

Red Fort Capital’s philosophy of speed, adding value, long term relationships and pragmatic returns has been heartily accepted in the Receivable Financing market.

WhatsApp Credit Application : To apply for a business loan is easy just message WhatsApp +91 98196 86107
Apply for a Receivable loan on WhatsApp

DSA Loan Partners: Red Fort Capital is actively looking to add to its extensive network of DSA partners. DSAs that are looking for quick loan disbursal to the right borrower & earn a commission. Apply to be a DSA at or WhatsApp +91 98196 86107.

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