Loan Amount: ₹40 million

Use of Capital: Expanding Business operations

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

JJ Jewellery

Red Fort Capital Finance has invested a significant sum of ₹40 million in Jagath Janani Jewellery, a reputed wholesale jewellery enterprise based in Bangalore. With over 40 years of expertise in gold jewellery, JJ is committed to providing its clients with an exceptional experience by upholding global best practices of product excellence, sustainability, and innovation.

The infusion of funds will enable JJ to expand its business operations and purchase more jewellery from auctions held by banks and NBFCs, thereby strengthening its inventory and boosting its sales. The company plans to leverage its extensive knowledge and experience in the industry to create new and innovative jewellery designs that cater to the evolving demands of its clients.

The investment from Red Fort Capital Finance will play a vital role in helping JJ achieve its growth and expansion goals while upholding its commitment to product excellence, sustainability, and innovation.