Loan Amount: ₹100 million

Use of Capital: Expanding Business operations

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Kanjiravelil Traders Priavte Limited

Red Fort Capital has funded Kanjiravelil Traders Private Limited (KTPL), a Nutmeg processing corporation, with ₹100 million within 8 days. The investment will help KTPL expand its operations, increase its market share, and invest in machinery to produce high-quality nutmeg for the domestic and international markets.

KTPL is into trading business of spices such as Nutmeg, Cardamom, Pepper, Nutmeg Powder etc. More than 70% of its business comes from Nutmeg and dried Nutmeg trading. KTPL claims to have a presence in the nutmeg processing industry in India, with over 50 per cent market share, especially in Kerala. The company reportedly produces and processes over 11,000 tons of high-quality nutmeg that are used in Indian cuisine and beverages and exported to various countries. Some of their clients include Everest Agro Spices, Nestle, Irine Agro Spices and Olam Agro India Pvt Ltd.

With the speed capital provided by Red Fort Capital, KTPL’s increased capacity and strategic focus on innovation will enable it to further strengthen its market leadership position in the Nutmeg Industry. Hence, KTPL will be able to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities and grow further.