White Globe International

Loan Amount: ₹33 million

Use of Capital: Working Capital

Location: Panvel, Maharashtra

White Globe International Private Limited

Red Fort Capital is proud to support Indian businesses in their export efforts by providing important financial resources. Recently, they disbursed a ₹33 million (3.3 crore) working capital loan to White Globe International Private Limited, showing this commitment. White Globe International is a well-established company in the export and import of fruits. They were once among the top five exporters of bananas in India. This loan will help them fulfill their banana export orders during the peak season, a time when international demand is very high.

With this financial support, Red Fort Capital aims to help White Globe International regain and boost their market position, leading to a significant increase in their revenue. By supporting such companies, Red Fort Capital also helps grow the country’s export sector. As White Globe International increases its operations and exports more bananas, the positive impact will extend beyond the company to the national economy.

This partnership highlights how providing the right financial resources can lead to substantial growth for both individual businesses and the economy. Red Fort Capital’s support ensures that companies like White Globe International can seize export opportunities and thrive in the global market.