Business Loans by Red Fort Capital

Red Fort Capital offers quick Business Loans for a variety of commercial use.Typically Business Loans are complex, slow to get, and industry is plagued with financial experts who do not understand your industry.  Red Fort Capital’s quick Business Loans are here for you. 

Red Fort Capitals Quick Business Loans are for: 

1) Good People – of high integrity that have intention & ability to pay us back

2) Good Companies with clear cashflows

3) Good Collateral that secures the loan – and is easy to understand & value

Red Fort Capital’s business Loans offer:
Quick Approvals 

Your loan application is digital. You don’t need to visit our office for applying. Just message us on WhatsApp and our bot will guide you through the application. Our team starts processing your request as soon as you submit the loan application. We offer in principle loan approval within a day. 

Traditional financial options take almost a month to disburse your loan amount. At Red Fort Capital, we disburse your loan amount within a week.

Higher Loan Disbursal Amounts

We offer business loans in range of ₹ 1 – 10 crores. 

Flexible Loan Structure

Unlike the rigid standard loans by banks and other financial institutions. Red Fort Capital offers  flexible loans. Your repayment schedule will be best suited to your business cashflow needs. We offer a moratorium period of upto six months based on business requirement.

Simplified Documentation for Business Loans

You don’t need to fill a lengthy application form to apply at Red Fort Capital. Quickly apply on WhatsApp or on our website