Yes, the business must have a minimum annual turnover of Rs. 50 Lakhs in order to qualify for the loan.
No, you can apply for loan directly on our website on our whatsapp “credit bot” +91-981968610

You need to fill out the loan application form at or you can just send a “Hi” on WhatsApp to our “credit bot” at +91-9819686107.

Yes, we currently give secured loans only. They need to be backed up by suitable cash flow/collateral.
All businesses that can meet the eligibility criteria can apply for loans.
The documents which are required include KYC information, registration documents, and financial statements. You can find the complete list under the Eligibility & Documents tab.
Yes, we offer loans to new businesses as well. In order to qualify for our loan, your projected revenue should be more than 30 lakhs.
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