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Loan for small business from Red Fort Capital
Quick and Smart Business Loans

Specialized Loans for Small Business

At Red Fort Capital, we understand the unique challenges faced by the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector in India. To support your financial needs, we offer a range of loans for small businesses. Our loan amounts range from INR 1 crore to 10 crores, and we take pride in our efficient approval process, guaranteeing funds in your account within just 7 days.

Why Choose Red Fort Capital for your small business loan?

We take great pride in our commitment to transparency. We ensure that all eligibility criteria, features, benefits, and documentation requirements are clearly outlined, and meticulously customized to address your unique business requirements for small businesses. Our ultimate objective is to facilitate a smooth and efficient loan application process, enabling you to dedicate your efforts to the growth and expansion of your small business, reaching new levels of success.

What we see in our customers?


We support individuals who exhibit not only the financial capability to repay but also unwavering integrity and ethical principles.

Financial Stability

We focus on businesses with consistent cash flow, fostering a reliable relationship between borrowers and lenders.

Valuable Collateral

To safeguard both parties' interests, we require collateral, typically valued at 2 to 3 times the loan amount, serving as a security measure in unforeseen circumstances.

What Sets Us Apart?

Easy Online Application: Apply for a loan for your small business or large enterprise is as simple as a few clicks.

Instant Approval Experience: Immediate approval and fast disbursement of the full sanctioned amount within just 7 days.

Eligibility Requirements for Business Loan

  1. Business Vintage: While we value startup culture, we require a minimum business vintage of 2 years.
  2. Minimum Turnover: 50 Lakhs per annum in the last two years
  3. Collateral Requirements: Minimum 2x to 3x collateral like open land, residential & commercial spaces, etc.
  4. EMI cover: We require a minimum of 1.5x EMI cover on a Monthly cashflow basis.

Document Requirements for Business Loan

We only ask for basic documentation to process your loan application. These documents help us gauge your profile and evaluate the financing that will be most helpful for your purpose.

  1. Basic KYC information
  2. Business address proof
  3. Financial documents

Benefits of Our Quick Loans for small business

Quick Business Loan in India
Quick Loan Disbursement
Value Addition
Long Term Relationship
Flexible Repayment
Digital Loan Process

Monthly Loan Amount Calculator

Business loan’s Estimated Monthly Installment (EMI), also  check the loan amount eligibility.

Small Business Loan EMI calculator

Eligibility Calculator for Business Loan

At Red Fort Capital, we strive to make your loan experience as seamless and straightforward as possible. As part of this commitment, we offer a user-friendly Business Loan EMI Calculator. This online tool empowers you to plan your finances better by providing a clear understanding of your monthly repayments. Just input your loan amount, tenure, and interest rate, and our calculator will instantly show you the EMI you need to pay. This way, you can strategize your budget, manage your cash flows effectively, and make an informed decision about your business loan. With our EMI calculator, you’ll have a transparent view of your repayment schedule, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Get a loan for small business in 7 days

Loan Application Process

Get Business Laon in 4 easy steps

How to apply for a small business loan?

The loan application process at Red Fort Capital is simple and easy.

  1. Visit our business loan application page.
  2. Read the eligibility requirements and basic range of interest rates.
  3. Fill in the basic details such as company name, Loan amount and tenure required, the purpose of the loan, WhatsApp number & email ID for communication.
  4. Read and accept the terms & conditions and submit the application.
  5. Our representatives will call you to understand your requirements better.
  6. Arrange for the documents as asked by our representatives and get your funding requirements addressed with the trust of Red Fort Capital.

Fast-Track Your Financial Goals

Securing a loan for small business has never been simpler. Our user-friendly application procedure guarantees quick approval and the fast allocation of approved funds. With Red Fort Capital by your side as your financial ally, you can advance with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you possess the essential capital required to guide your small enterprise toward a more prosperous future. We go beyond merely providing loans; we are dedicated growth partners, committed to your success. 

Business Loan FAQs

  • The documents required are a) Profile of the company including promoters. b) Last 3 year Audited financials. c) ITR of the last 3 years. d) KYC Documents (Pan/aadhar of the promoters and pan/gst of the company). e) Outstanding loans and EMI details. f) GST returns of the last 2 years. g) Projected cash flows statements for the next 3 years. i) Monthly cash flow statements of the next 12 months. j) Breakdown of the usage of the loan amount.

  • We accept non-agricultural land, commercial & residential properties as collateral for a quick business loan.

  • We offer loans in the range of 18-24% and the ticket size is 1-10cr

  • The maximum tenure for the loans offered is 60 months.

  • EMI planning is one of the important steps in servicing a loan. Head over to our loan EMI calculator to get an estimate of the same.

  • While we value credit scores, we don't have a strict minimum cut-off on credit scores.

  • We support the booming startup culture in India. However, we cannot provide loans to startups. Please visit our page to understand more about the eligibility criteria.

Borrower Testimonials

“Thanks to Red Fort Capital, we were able to expand our presence in the global market with their quick funding process. With their support, we are able to offer our innovative alkaline black water to a wider audience and promote healthy living globally.”

Aakash Vaghela

Founder and MD, Evocus
 Aakash Vaghela

“Red Fort Capital has amazed us with the 100 million INR disbursement within a record time of 8 days, timely disbursement holds such great value to us as an organization. With the speed capital provided by Red Fort Capital we will be able to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities and grow further”

Jenny Varghese

MD, Kanjiravelil Traders Private Limited
Jenny Varghese

“With Red Fort Capital’s support, we have been able to procure raw materials and meet the specific needs of our valued clients. We are grateful for their trust and partnership helping us expand our market share throughout Maharashtra.”

Nisaar Sutar

Owner, Olive Industries
Nisaar Sutar

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