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Supply Chain Financing

Red Fort Capital offers Supply Chain Loans to support the growth and development of businesses involved in the supply chain industry.

Supply Chain Loans provide businesses with the necessary capital to manage their working capital requirements, purchase raw materials, and pay for operating expenses. These loans are specifically designed to support businesses in the supply chain industry, including suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers.

Red Fort Capital proudly presents our Supply Chain Financing solutions, meticulously crafted to fuel the growth and prosperity of businesses operating within the complex and dynamic supply chain ecosystem.


Supply Chain Financing from Red Fort Capital empowers businesses with the essential liquidity to effectively manage their working capital needs, facilitate the procurement of raw materials, and cover integral operating expenses. These loans are strategically designed to serve the multifaceted industry players in the supply chain, ranging from suppliers and manufacturers to distributors and retailers.


At Red Fort Capital, we’re not just a lender; we’re a partner committed to your business success. We offer flexible Supply Chain Financing options tailored to align with the unique fiscal dynamics of your business. Our financing solutions are collateral-based, providing a secure and beneficial environment for both the lender and the borrower. 


We understand the inherent volatility and unpredictability of the supply chain landscape. Fluctuating market conditions, evolving consumer demands, and unpredictable economic events can strain your business’s financial stability. That’s why we’ve made our Supply Chain Financing solutions swift, hassle-free, and adaptable. Our seamless application process, fast approval times, and customizable loan structures offer the financial agility necessary to navigate market uncertainties and foster business growth.


Our Supply Chain Financing is more than just a financial solution. It’s a strategic tool designed to enhance your business’s competitiveness, resilience, and growth potential in a challenging industry. Avail our Supply Chain Financing today and propel your business towards a more robust and financially secure future. Let Red Fort Capital be your trusted financial ally in navigating the dynamic world of supply chain management.At Red Fort Capital, we provide flexible Supply Chain Loans that cater to the specific needs of your business. Our Supply Chain Loans are collateral-based and can be customized to meet your unique financial requirements. We understand that the supply chain industry can be unpredictable, and that’s why we provide Supply Chain Loans that are quick and hassle-free, giving you the flexibility and agility you need to grow your business.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria Equipment & Machinery Loan

Loan Application Process

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Borrower Testimonials

“Thanks to Red Fort Capital, we were able to expand our presence in the global market with their quick funding process. With their support, we can offer our innovative alkaline black water to a wider audience and promote healthy living.”

Founder and MD, Evocus
Aakash Vaghela

“Red Fort Capital has amazed us with the 100 million INR disbursement within a record time of 8 days. With the speed capital provided by Red Fort Capital, we will be able to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities and grow further.”

MD, Kanjiravelil Traders Private Limited
Jenny Varghese

“With Red Fort Capital’s support, we have been able to procure raw materials and meet the specific needs of our valued clients. We are grateful for their trust and partnership helping us expand our market share throughout Maharashtra.”

Owner, Olive Industries
Nisaar Sutar

"I needed funds to further expand my business and Red Fort Capital stood strong on their promise of speed and value creation. They understood the requirements of my business and were extremely transparent throughout the loan process."

Promoter, Brick & Byte Innovative Products
Prashant Kamat

"We’re truly amazed by the speed and enthusiasm with which Red Fort Capital disbursed the loan in a record time of 7 days and helped us capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities."

Mangesh Labade

"It will help us to enhance our medical infrastructure, expand our specialties and services, and meet the growing demand for quality healthcare in the region".

MD, Pancham Hospital
Dr. RP Singh

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