Location: Greenopolis, Gurugram, NCR
Investment:   INR 1150 million

Greenopolis, Gurugram NCR

Red Fort Capital, a Leading private equity real estate company has contributed INR 1150 million to the Greenopolis residential development in Gurgaon, NCR. Red Fort Capital and The 3C Company are partners in the joint venture known as Greenopolis. It spans 47 Acres and has over 2.2 million square feet of saleable space. The initiative aims to give locals access to a sustainable and green environment. It has open green areas, bodies of water, beautifully designed gardens, energy-efficient structures, and environmentally friendly infrastructure.

Red Fort Capital has a proven track record of investing in top-notch real estate developments in India. Its portfolio features a variety of high-quality residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. The company’s investment in Greenopolis is evidence of its dedication to promoting environmentally conscious and sustainable real estate development.

Finally, the NCR real estate market in Gurgaon and the Red Fort Capital’s investment in Greenopolis is promising. The project aims to give the inhabitants high-quality, environmentally friendly living quarters while boosting the local economy. The project’s involvement by Red Fort Capital and sustainability focus is encouraging for India’s future in green real estate development.