machinery loan in india
machinery loan in india

Machinery Loan In India

Machinery loan helps businesses to get necessary machineries required to run the business. Machinery Loans in India from banks/NBFCs helps business owners in India to secure the necessary funding to get the machinery/equipment required to streamline their business processes and scale up production. They can be used to fund equipment upgradation, replacement of old machinery and equipment as well as for equipment maintenance. The purchased equipment acts as a major collateral and hence limited additional security / collateral is needed. It helps to spread the cost of equipment over many months or years.

Features of Machinery Loan in India

Loan Amount: Machinery loan in India usually cover the cost of buying new supplies or improving existent utensil. Loan amounts can vary contingent upon the borrower credit profile and the particular specifications, interoperability, and life of the equipment. 

Loan Terms: The repayment terms for equipment and machinery loans in India generally depend on the life and condition of the machines in place. The term can be from few months to many years. 

Secured vs. Unsecured: Machinery loans in India maybe either secured or unsecured. However, a key term to keep in mind here is the upfront down payment required for purchasing such equipments. A lower credit profile may demand additional security in terms of property, land, etc. 

Interest Rates: Apart from normal criteria’s such as creditworthiness and cashflows, equipment & machinery loans in India also depend on the factors such as insurance for the equipment in questions, the salvage value, wear and tear of the machine over normal operation cycle, specifications and efficiency amongst others.  

Application Process: The request process for a apparatus loan in India typically includes offering financial documents, the details about the machinery and equipments to be purchased, alternative data sources such as tax returns, GST returns, etc. 

Quick Approval: Many lenders offer fast authorization processes for equipment loans to guarantee that small businesses can acquire the supplies they need immediately. Some lenders grant permission support pre-authorization or instant conclusion alternatives to expedite the process. 

Flexible Repayment Options: Lenders can offer adaptable compensation alternatives tailor-made to the requirements of small businesses with a special focus on their cashflows. 

Benefits of Machinery Loans in India

Preserve Cash Flow: Machinery loan in India allows small businesses to maintain their cash flow by extended the cost of supplies purchases over occasion, alternatively repaying for ruling class straightforward. 

Stay Competitive: Upgrading machinery and supplies can help output, effectiveness, and produce condition, helping trades stay vying in their manufacturing. 

Tax Benefits:  Equipment and Machinery Loans provide a double tax benefit both by depreciation and interest expense on loans, thereby reducing the net cost of borrowing.  

Opportunity for Growth: Access to new technology opens up new avenues for the businesses. These may result into new business verticals to improve the top line and bottom lines in businesses.  


Machinery loans in India play an important role in long term business sustainability. A small business venturing to get new equipment and machinery loan in India should calculate the eligibility, compare different machines, manage the cashflows and improve the factors that affect the interest rate and maximum credit advanced to borrower. Additionally, the small business owners should ensure that the machines are well maintained to squeeze in the maximum benefits of upgrading the machinery. 

Machinery Loan in India FAQs

Typically, businesses of all sizes, including sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and private or public limited companies, can apply for machinery loans in India.
The loan amount typically depends on various factors such as the cost of the machinery, the borrower’s credit profile, business revenue, and the lender’s policies.
Interest rates can vary depending on the lender, loan amount, tenure, and the borrower’s creditworthiness. It’s essential to compare rates from different lenders to find the best deal.

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