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Sign-up to be a DSA with red fort capital and help provide quick loan disbursal to the right borrower. Earn commission on every converted lead.

Speed is something we cherish at Red Fort Capital and we typically disburse loans within 10 days. Our core philosophy is investing in something to add value to the businesses and our partners for the long term. Join us to create value together.

Red Fort DSA

Red Fort DSA

Want to become our loan intermediary partner?

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Types of Loans

Business Loans
Equipment & Machinery Loans
Working Capital Loans
Receivable Financing
Construction Loans
Industrial project financing

Loan Size : ₹ 1 Cr to ₹ 10 Cr

Tenure : 1 to 60 months

Collateral : 3X (Land, Receivables, Other assets etc.)

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