Loan Amount: ₹20 million rupees

Use of Capital: Working Capital & Capital Expenditure for business expansion

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Evergreen Bio Plantec

Red Fort Capital has financed 20 million rupees in Evergreen Bio Plantec to support its growth and meet its working capital needs. Evergreen Bio Plantec specializes in constructing poly houses and offers comprehensive agricultural solutions to farmers in Rajasthan. It also trades in millet cookies and plans to improve its margins by venturing into manufacturing. The client also seeks to diversify its business by constructing a petrol pump at a strategic location in Tonk, Rajasthan, to target the lorry operators involved in sand transportation.

Red Fort Capital understood the urgency of funds and risks associated with the project and structured the loan to suit the cashflows generated from the client’s business. We provided them with financial insights and guidance to manage the cashflows in the future and at the same time, not limit its growth potential. Red Fort Capital is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and firms involved in positively impacting society.

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