Lufthansa City Center - Travels & Rentals

Loan Amount: ₹87.5 million

Use of Capital: Working Capital

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

Travels & Rentals Limited

Red Fort Capital has disbursed 8.75 crore rupees to Travels and Rentals Limited, a leading corporate travel management company specializing in both leisure and non-leisure travel. This substantial funding, provided for working capital purposes, ensures that Travels and Rentals can maintain a steady cash flow, crucial for day-to-day operations. This financial support places the company in a strong position to capture and capitalize on emerging growth opportunities within the travel sector. The infusion of funds reflects Red Fort Capital’s commitment to empowering businesses by providing the financial backing needed to achieve their strategic goals and operational efficiency.

Travels and Rentals Limited, established in 1987, has built a solid reputation as a comprehensive corporate travel management company. Its portfolio includes end-to-end travel planning and consultation, ensuring personalized and efficient travel arrangements. The company also emphasizes travel policy compliance and enforcement, critical for corporate clients. Additionally, it offers specialized services in corporate travel, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions), and leisure travel. Partnered with Lufthansa City Center and accredited by IATA, Travels and Rentals is also a member of IATO, underscoring its credibility and industry standing.


Red Fort Capital’s quick and substantial funding to Travels and Rentals Limited stands as a testament to its increased focus on funding quality businesses and fostering long-term relationships. By providing swift financial support, Red Fort Capital demonstrates its dedication to meeting the immediate and strategic needs of businesses. This approach not only helps businesses thrive but also strengthens the bond between Red Fort Capital and its clients, paving the way for future collaborations and mutual growth. This proactive approach underscores Red Fort Capital’s role as a key player in supporting and accelerating the growth of quality businesses.